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Disability Management - Research

'Special Education’—Research programme conducted in collaboration with Christopher Blinder Mission (CBM), Germany, UNDP sponsored study, UNESCO Chair on ‘Inclusive Adapted Physical Education, Special Olympics and Yoga’

  1. In 1999, even before the institute became a deemed university, collaboration with the CBM International culminated in a unique project to develop a common sign language for deaf persons in India. The research team gathered data from 42 places from all over India and brought out the first Indian Sign Language Dictionary consisting of 2500 signs for 1600 commonly used words and phrases. The dictionary has proved a boon to deaf children and adults towards the promotion of sign language as an option in education.
    Subsequently, the institute completed work in the development of sign language dictionary for banking terminologies and technical sign language dictionary
  2. The institute completed a major research study in spport of and recommending credit accumulation system for special education courses recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India.
  3. Completed a UNDP sponsored study on Status of Educational Services for Persons with Disabilities in India in collaboration with the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad.
  4. UNESCO has shown keen interest in creating a UNESCO Chair in our University in the specialized faculty, ‘Inclusive Adapted Physical Education, Special Olympics and Yoga’—the first of its kind in Asia. A copy of the email dated 3 August 2009 from the Coordinator of UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme, Hassmik Tortian stationed at Paris, is enclosed as a supporting document—See Annexure. The Chair will be created as soon as the endorsement/support letter from the Government of India’s National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO reaches the UNESCO office at Paris.