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The School of Agriculture and Rural Development

As already mentioned, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute's 'thrust areas' have been so chosen as to not only address the areas scarcely addressed by any conventional Indian University, but also to directly benefit the common man, the rural and tribal masses. Another consideration that influenced the choice of the 'thrust areas' is the possibility of utilizing the expertise and the infrastructure that Ramakrishna Mission branch-centres have developed over several decades or even a century in some cases. Some of these most prominent centres of Ramakrishna Mission have therefore been chosen as Specialized Faculty Centres.

The School of Agriculture and Rural Development houses two Faculty Centres namely:

  1. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama at Narendrapur in Kolkata, West Bengal--Specialized Faculty: 'Integrated Rural Development and Management (IRDM)' and
  2. Ramakrishsna Mission Ashrama 'Divyayan' Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Ranchi (Morabadi), Jharkhand--Specialized Faculty: 'Integrated Rural and Tribal Development and Management (IRTDM)'